Friday, September 4, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I figured I'd better catch up on a few things that's been going on lately. "Recordville" has been buzzing the last week or so with the start of school again. It's been a real treat to see the kids getting ready for school! They're all so dang cute, I'm glad they're all around to be able to watch. Kacie and my cousin Michelle's boy Nathan, started kindergarten. It doesn't seem possible that they could be old enough to be starting school! Sadie started Junior High....yes JUNIOR HIGH!!! Ugh....I can't believe these kids are growing up so fast! Anyway, I've posted some pictures of the first days of school. Kaedon has started pre-school and on his first day I watched Tannon so Darcy & Gus could go up on his first's some pictures of him while I was taking care of him! He's such a cutie....must take after his Auntie! haha!!! :)

Tannon "The Tank"

Isn't he the cutest kid you've ever seen?? :)

Playing with his toys

"The Recordville Boys"

Kaedon's First Day of Preschool

Kacie's First Day of Kindergarden
and Courtney's 2nd day of school.

Riding the bus...all grown up!

Garrett & Branson getting ready for a ride
to school.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pig Roast & Pool Party

Last Saturday my friend Sheila and her husband had their annual pig roast & pool party. It was a lot of fun and for once I relaxed and had a great time. I had coverage at the dance hall and didn't have to RUSH to get there and it was so much fun to just chill out. Pete and I got there in the early afternoon and spent all day there. Sheila took me 4-wheeling down into the trails at their house. They own 50 acres and her son, Peter (nice name huh?) rides dirt bikes and 4-wheelers and has built awesome trails down there. We got SOOOO muddy! It was great. As you can see I dressed for the occasion! I figured if I wear my bathing suit with a cover-up (tie die of course....the theme for the party was a beach theme) then however dirty I got wouldn't be a problem...I'd just jump in the pool....which I did!! hehe! Anyway, I've posted a few pictures of the event.....too much fun! :)

Enjoying some watermelon after 4-wheelin'

Sheila, Dad & I (Dad stopped in to visit!)

Sheila's Dad Stuart & Me (gettin' some lovin')

Sheila & I cutting the cake (which she asked me to make)

Pete & I smiling for the camera!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hey Everyone!

Well again....I have no seems time goes by so fast between posts! Things have been going well. The job I have with the charitable foundation is really coming along well. A large part of the funding for the foundation is being finalized now and there is lots of good things that will become of it!

The Spur is going well. My boyfriend Peter and his band played last weekend. It was a great turnout and it was nice to see so many people come out and support him. He hasn't played for close to four years, so he's coming out of retirement so to speak! hehe! Someone video taped a few songs, and I'll try and put them up on here. :) We'll see how THAT goes!!

I'm waiting on a phone call to see if my niece Desarae has had her baby yet. She's in labor now and I know it's close...but we're just waiting for the call. She knows it's a boy and has named him Owenn James. I can't believe she's old enough now to be having's kinda scary! I'm getting WAY too old! hehe!

I'll post some pictures so you all can get caught up on my life! Things are great and life is good! Hope everyone is doing well! :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Ok...I'm finally BACK!!

Yes everyone, I'm still alive! It seems when I'm at this computer my blog never gets updated. I wish I had a magic wand (or secretary) that could keep this thing updated! Someday ..... ok maybe not! hehe!

Well lots of things have been going on the last couple of months since I've updated this thing. The MAINEiacs have decided to stay another season (at least) but they didn't hire me back. Which is ok by me. I've now got a job working for a lady named Rose. She has a foundation that was started up in New York where she came from. She has now got the funding she needs to move it to Maine and really get it up and running. The foundation is a non-profit foundation that helps people/businesses in need and eventually will do some small business lending. She has asked me to go to work for her and help her run the business. It's a pretty casual setting (I can wear jeans most of the time...yaaayy!!!) and the paycheck will be a good thing after being unemployed for 4 months! Unemployment paychecks aren't that great that's for sure! But I am thankful they've been paying the bills at home.

If any of you read Darcy's blog, you've read that Mom, her and I all went to the Temple last week to do Nana Wiley's work for her. It was a super day and yes...I'll admit I'm the blubber head. But...Darcy did her share of crying too! So I didn't feel so bad...I learned she DOES have a heart after all! hahaha....juuust kidding Darcy! :-)

Last but certainly not least, I've got a pretty cool guy in my life. His name is Peter and of course....he's a musician. Yeah, I know...crazy huh? He's really great and we spend a lot of time together listening and singing country music. I actually officially met him when I bought the hall. I knew of him before that, but never really met him. Anyway, I hired his band to play at the dance hall. The band broke up about 8 months after that and he and I would see each other once in a while at music functions, etc. Well a few months ago he stopped in to the dance hall and said he and his wife were going through a divorce because she was cheating on him with his cousin (who actually lived two houses down from them at the time) for the last 6 years or so. I couldn't believe it! Anyway, so he was coming down to the hall just to get away and see some familiar faces from when he played etc. Anyway after a month or so we started talking more and more and eventually we ended up dating. It's a crazy thing the way it happened but it has worked great! I've been able to share my experiences after my divorce with him and he has with me and I think it's been beneficial to both of us. We have a TON of things in common....right down to our favorite ice cream.....Grapenut! Crazy huh? Who likes grapenut ice cream as their favorite??!!?? And...he likes BLT sandwiches...but no "T" just BL with mayo...just like me....nuts! He sings at the Spur with our band sometimes and it's fun to sing together. We are always picking out songs to learn and do and we just have lots of fun together. Anyway, that's the update on that! hehe!

Other then that....things are rolling along well. I hope I can keep updated on this thing! Ugh! I'll try and get some pictures up of Peter and I so the people that live far away can see him. :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Job????

Hello Everyone!

You would think now that I am unemployed I could keep this updated a little more! I guess I'll definitely have to work harder on that!

Yes, it's true....I "may" have a new job! Shortly after I was let go from the MAINEiacs, they announced that they are trying to move the team back to Canada. A few days following the official announcement of their intensions, I received an email from David MacDonald. He is a gentlemen from the New Brunswick area who wants to bring a Junior A team down here to the U.S. After we talked for a bit and he told me of his plans, etc. I agreed to jump on board as the Executive Administrator. Basically the job will be running the operations of the team. Everything from overseeing daily operations of the front office, to working with the coach on all trades, contracts, etc. It sounds like a great opportunity and I am very excited to get going.

Ok, here's the bad part.....NOW the MAINEiacs aren't sure if they're going to be able to leave. The deal they were trying to get to move just outside of Montreal fell through. They are now trying to work out negotiations with the University of New Brunswick to move up there and work in conjunction with the University. I'm not sure that will work as they have a hockey team already in place there and it's doing very well. It's a different league all together, however if you ask me, there's too many cooks in the kitchen if they were to move another team in. I could be wrong because I could see how it might fit but in order for it to work, all parties would have to be on board with it. I hope for everyone's sake it works out the way it should.

Other then that....things are moving along. I've been busy at the Spur doing bookwork and getting caught up on a few things. I have a few projects at home I'm getting ready to tackle. I'm totally ready for mud season to be over and the snow to be gone....and for warm weather to FINALLY get here!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to the unemployment list!

That's right, I'm unemployed! At least from the MAINEiacs that is. They're moving back to Canada at the end of the season, however I guess they felt the need to get rid of me early to save money. Anyway, it stinks with no income coming in right now. On the upside, it is giving me a lot more time to devote to the dance hall and get things done around the house.

Mom went in for minor surgery yesterday and is home now. She's doing well, but has to take it easy for a week or so. Dad, Darcy and I are taking shifts making sure wood gets brought in and she doesn't do anything but get up to use the bathroom. It's pretty hard keeping her down, but hopefully the drugs will keep her dizzy enough so she doesn't feel like getting up!! haha! :) Any of you that know her know it's a job and a half to get her to sit for more then 5 minutes to a time. I love her though...she's the best mom ever.

Maybe with a little more time on my hands I can keep up with the blog thing! haha....don't hold your breath! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It doesn't seem possible it's 2009 already! I remember when I was young, people would say that time goes by so fast the older you get. It is SO true!

Christmas was wonderful! At the Spur, we did a full-blown Christmas for two less fortunate families in the area this year. It was wonderful to help two families who REALLY needed it. All of the children made out their wish lists to Santa and I posted them by the ticket booth. Everyone pitched in and went shopping. We had a great response! The larger gifts waited until Christmas week when I was able to get out and finish up the shopping. The 50/50 proceeds went for the larger gifts and gift cards to both of the mothers. We gave them to each mom for groceries and other necessities. We were able to raise about $1,400 in cash. I estimated all together with presents and gift cards, we raised over 3,000 in cash and presents. It was so much fun and it really felt good to hug both of the mothers and know they appreciated it so much. I swear Santa has the best job in the world!
The best thing would be for us to have a REAL North Pole here and be able to watch the children on Christmas morning when they saw all of the presents! Now THAT would be great!!

At home this Christmas it was great for all of us brothers and sisters to be together for the first time in five years. The last Christmas we had together Darcy was pregnant with Branson. They moved out west when he was 8 months old. Shortly after that, Buster moved out there. So to have everyone home for the holiday was just perfect. We were missing my oldest niece, Heidi and my oldest nephew, Michael and their families. We missed them and wished they could have been there. They are both married and Heidi has two boys and a step-daughter. Michael is married with two girls. It was so nice to see mom and dad so happy with everyone there. You could see the contentment on their faces.

We hated to see Buster and Mandy go back to Utah and TRIED to convince them to stay here...but it didn't work. Dad said maybe if we all pray a little harder it might happen. He leaned over to Branson and said, "Heavenly Father does answer our prayers doesn't he!?" and Branson nodded his head yes. Then dad asked him what prayer did Heavenly Father answer for him (meaning dad) and Branson said, "That our family would move back to Maine." It was pretty cute! Anyway, here are a few pictures of the family at Christmas time.

The Family
top: Dicky, Donny, Buster, Erland
bottom: Me, Dad, Mom, Darcy

Grandkids (missing Heidi & Michael)
top: Kacie, Courtney, Branson, Garrett
bottom: Desarae, Tannon, Kristy, Kaedon, Nicholas, Sadie.